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When Do I Need to Consider Dedicated Hosting?

Among the many hosting packages you may find an option called dedicated server hosting. Dedicated hosting differs from shared hosting: it offers a physical server dedicated to only one customer.

But do you know when you need to consider this type of hosting? Let’s see the 4 most common cases.

4 cases when you should think about choosing a dedicated server hosting plan

  1. Your website is loading slowly

If your current website is loading slowly, dedicated hosting could be a better choice for you. Your website should load in not more than 3 seconds, or your visitors may leave even before your site finished loading.

A dedicated server in Israel can offer you fast site loading because you don’t have to share the server with any other websites.

  • You have a website with big traffic

Shared hosting has a huge disadvantage compared to dedicated hosting regarding traffic. A website that runs on a shared server can crash in case of big traffic. If you have a popular website that has a lot of visitors, don’t hesitate to opt for a dedicated hosting solution.

  • You need more storage space

As your website grows, it needs more storage space. A multifaceted website that contains thousands of pages with multimedia elements (images, videos, and audio files) and other features (for example forum) can need more storage space than what shared or VPS hosting plans provide.

Consider choosing a dedicated server in Israel if you own a medium or large size company because you may need a larger amount of storage space.

  • You have security concerns

Dedicated server hosting guarantees a higher level of security. The chance of getting hacked will be significantly smaller, as you don’t have to share your server with anyone.

Therefore, if you have sensitive information on your website, or you are worried about your website’s vulnerability, you can improve your site’s security with a dedicated hosting plan.



People generally think of the internet as an immaterial object; however, the data that makes up the internet is stored at data servers. Businesses generally operate their own servers or rent them out from data centers giving them a chance to store their files online and make them accessible globally. An internet data center is a saving location to make it easy to access different files online.

A data center is made up of a large number of data servers that are housed within the same complex. Data servers require a working internet connection to access the files. Large data centers equipped with a huge amount of hard disk storage allow businesses that operate them to save more data. Large internet companies operate their own unique and dedicated data centers, while some data center offers their services to multiple clients.

How it works

Similar to two computers being connected in a local network, the internet server transfers information to the web browser with the help of network connections. The data stored on the internet server is divided into packets of transmission and send through a router that determines the best path through which the data can travel. The data may travel through a series of wired and wireless networks in order to reach the ISP (internet service provider) and finally to the computer.

Every time a user writes a web address in the browser, he is requesting information from the server. In turn, when you want to upload a piece of information over the internet, the process gets reversed. Over the years, data centers have evolved significantly by adopting different technologies, such as virtualization to increase IT flexibility and optimize resource utility.