Hard drive raid benefits

Hard Drive Raid Benefits

For several years, VPS or virtual private servers hosting became so popular in Israel. It is expected to continue because of its functionality and performance. There were many reasons why applications and websites of several companies or organizations based in Israel are being hosted by VPS. From lower details it has the ability to scale up painlessly and quickly and that really makes sense to these organizations.

RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks puts together multiple kinds of hard drives to improve the performance of single drive. Depending on RAID configuration, it can definitely increase the speed of your computer while having single “drive” that will hold many drives. You can also use RAID in order to increase the reliability, for your computer to keep functioning after the hard drive crashes. There are RAIDS that will permit the user to do the same.

Here are 3 of the most popular RAID configurations in Israel:

  • The RAID 0. This RAID type can turn more than two drives into one faster and bigger storage unit. But, it will increase the chance of crashing the drive with all your files. Once the file is saved, the RAID 0 will split all of it into different sections and be distributed in different drives.
  • The RAID 1. It turns 2 1TB drives to RAID 1 array so that you can get the capacity and the ability of single 1TB drive. And this mainly for protection. In RAID 1, 2 drives reflect each other and with that, they have all the same data. If one drive failed then the other one will still work and no files will be deleted and important there will be no downtime.
  • The RAID 5. In this type of RAID, you can exactly get the all the benefits of RAID 0 and 1. Capacity, protection and speed. But, you will need at least 3 drives and only 2 will be utilized for storage. Like the two kinds of RAID, this also breaks your data into different sections that being stored on more than two drives that will result in increased of capacity and speed.

Crashing your hard drive is not the only thing that could destroy all your files. If a fire, Trojan, burglar or a mistake hits one of those many drives, most definitely it will surely break the other one.

If you want to upgrade your VPS but quit hesitant if it is a right thing to do because of your present online situation then it is time go with Israel vps raid benefits. Those are the following:

  • Bandwidth tier-1 and has regulated resources. It also has a RAID ten storage SAN and dell c blade servers (series)
  • It minimizes the unauthorized entry of hackers and DDOS and also it is an insulated account
  • SAFE MAIL SERVICE. Eliminating all blacklisting mail account risk and has own mail server that is private.
  • INSTALLED APPLICATIONS FOR CUSTOMERS. Own partition, administration owned access and not providing any support for installed applications for customers.
  • More stable and reliable for web needs.
  • This is more controlled than shared hosting
  • This is environment friendly, has green technology and have many resources
  • Best cost solution for many small websites
  • When needed, it has easy scalability

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