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When Do I Need to Consider Dedicated Hosting?

Among the many hosting packages you may find an option called dedicated server hosting. Dedicated hosting differs from shared hosting: it offers a physical server dedicated to only one customer.

But do you know when you need to consider this type of hosting? Let’s see the 4 most common cases.

4 cases when you should think about choosing a dedicated server hosting plan

  1. Your website is loading slowly

If your current website is loading slowly, dedicated hosting could be a better choice for you. Your website should load in not more than 3 seconds, or your visitors may leave even before your site finished loading.

A dedicated server in Israel can offer you fast site loading because you don’t have to share the server with any other websites.

  • You have a website with big traffic

Shared hosting has a huge disadvantage compared to dedicated hosting regarding traffic. A website that runs on a shared server can crash in case of big traffic. If you have a popular website that has a lot of visitors, don’t hesitate to opt for a dedicated hosting solution.

  • You need more storage space

As your website grows, it needs more storage space. A multifaceted website that contains thousands of pages with multimedia elements (images, videos, and audio files) and other features (for example forum) can need more storage space than what shared or VPS hosting plans provide.

Consider choosing a dedicated server in Israel if you own a medium or large size company because you may need a larger amount of storage space.

  • You have security concerns

Dedicated server hosting guarantees a higher level of security. The chance of getting hacked will be significantly smaller, as you don’t have to share your server with anyone.

Therefore, if you have sensitive information on your website, or you are worried about your website’s vulnerability, you can improve your site’s security with a dedicated hosting plan.



People generally think of the internet as an immaterial object; however, the data that makes up the internet is stored at data servers. Businesses generally operate their own servers or rent them out from data centers giving them a chance to store their files online and make them accessible globally. An internet data center is a saving location to make it easy to access different files online.

A data center is made up of a large number of data servers that are housed within the same complex. Data servers require a working internet connection to access the files. Large data centers equipped with a huge amount of hard disk storage allow businesses that operate them to save more data. Large internet companies operate their own unique and dedicated data centers, while some data center offers their services to multiple clients.

How it works

Similar to two computers being connected in a local network, the internet server transfers information to the web browser with the help of network connections. The data stored on the internet server is divided into packets of transmission and send through a router that determines the best path through which the data can travel. The data may travel through a series of wired and wireless networks in order to reach the ISP (internet service provider) and finally to the computer.

Every time a user writes a web address in the browser, he is requesting information from the server. In turn, when you want to upload a piece of information over the internet, the process gets reversed. Over the years, data centers have evolved significantly by adopting different technologies, such as virtualization to increase IT flexibility and optimize resource utility.

Hard drive raid benefits

Hard Drive Raid Benefits

For several years, VPS or virtual private servers hosting became so popular in Israel. It is expected to continue because of its functionality and performance. There were many reasons why applications and websites of several companies or organizations based in Israel are being hosted by VPS. From lower details it has the ability to scale up painlessly and quickly and that really makes sense to these organizations.

RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks puts together multiple kinds of hard drives to improve the performance of single drive. Depending on RAID configuration, it can definitely increase the speed of your computer while having single “drive” that will hold many drives. You can also use RAID in order to increase the reliability, for your computer to keep functioning after the hard drive crashes. There are RAIDS that will permit the user to do the same.

Here are 3 of the most popular RAID configurations in Israel:

  • The RAID 0. This RAID type can turn more than two drives into one faster and bigger storage unit. But, it will increase the chance of crashing the drive with all your files. Once the file is saved, the RAID 0 will split all of it into different sections and be distributed in different drives.
  • The RAID 1. It turns 2 1TB drives to RAID 1 array so that you can get the capacity and the ability of single 1TB drive. And this mainly for protection. In RAID 1, 2 drives reflect each other and with that, they have all the same data. If one drive failed then the other one will still work and no files will be deleted and important there will be no downtime.
  • The RAID 5. In this type of RAID, you can exactly get the all the benefits of RAID 0 and 1. Capacity, protection and speed. But, you will need at least 3 drives and only 2 will be utilized for storage. Like the two kinds of RAID, this also breaks your data into different sections that being stored on more than two drives that will result in increased of capacity and speed.

Crashing your hard drive is not the only thing that could destroy all your files. If a fire, Trojan, burglar or a mistake hits one of those many drives, most definitely it will surely break the other one.

If you want to upgrade your VPS but quit hesitant if it is a right thing to do because of your present online situation then it is time go with Israel vps raid benefits. Those are the following:

  • Bandwidth tier-1 and has regulated resources. It also has a RAID ten storage SAN and dell c blade servers (series)
  • It minimizes the unauthorized entry of hackers and DDOS and also it is an insulated account
  • SAFE MAIL SERVICE. Eliminating all blacklisting mail account risk and has own mail server that is private.
  • INSTALLED APPLICATIONS FOR CUSTOMERS. Own partition, administration owned access and not providing any support for installed applications for customers.
  • More stable and reliable for web needs.
  • This is more controlled than shared hosting
  • This is environment friendly, has green technology and have many resources
  • Best cost solution for many small websites
  • When needed, it has easy scalability

Israel VPS Benefits

Israel VPS Benefits

About VPS and VPS Hosting

VPS actually stands for Virtual Private Server. This is also sometimes referred to as VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server. This serves as a “virtual server” which appears to be a “dedicated server” among users. This is actually installed on computer serving multiple sites.

A single computer has its various VPS’s wherein each one hold its own OS. Hosting software may include FTP or File Transfer Protocol, Web Server Program, mail server, and specialized application for activities like blogging and ecommerce.

VPS is commonly preferred by small businesses who want for a customized website but cannot afford to pay for a dedicated server. This can be a “single subscriber” that sustains various virtual servers. There are countless of web hosting accounts you can choose to host your site online. One of these web hosting accounts is none other than the VPS hosting.  For you to have a site on the web, you need to compile your site files on a web server to avoid loss. VPS hosting technology is quite similar to Virtual Box or VMware while it allows user to run on multiple virtualized OS on a single machine.

What are the Benefits of Israel VPS?

  •   As compared to fully dedicated “hosting plan” which utilized physical server, VPS Hosting is more economical. There are numerous VPS plans which can be modified to meet the specific needs of people. In view of this, you will only pay for the things which you use. And then, you can best eliminate those which are not.
  • The majority of VPS hosting plan are effortlessly scalable. This is because they allow you to start in a virtual environment with minimum resources. They are gradually grown to increase hosting plan and to best accommodate other needs. In short, you don’t need to pay for excessive resources.
  •  This provides you with more control over virtual server as compared to a shared hosting. This allows you to have a root access. You are also capable of using scripts which are not allowed in the “shared hosting” environment.
  •  VPS hosting allow you to have similar technical support with “shared hosting”. You can also select from semi-managed hosting wherein the web host fully manages services and handles the complete maintenance.
  •   Since you no longer need to share your business operating system with anyone and no other sites on the server are installed, you can have a good access on the files that you need without any hassle.
  •   VPS server provides you with dedicated sum of RAM which is obtainable anytime. Nobody else uses your RAM. Thus, you can use it without hassle during the time that you need it the most.
  •  This provides you with a better security because of its self dependency. This makes VPS host more secured as compared to a share website hosting.
  •  Reliability and performance of VPS hosting are based on each virtual server that utilizes its own RAM resources and CPU which are not shared. This facilitates service by providing predictable environment that you can administer.
  •   This also offer “dedicated mail server” with separated IP address  which frees you from troubles on bounced mails or SPAM blacklist.



Virtual Servers in Israel

Virtual Servers in Israel
A virtual private server, or VPS, is a virtual machine sold as a service by an internet hosting service, such as Virtual Servers in Israel. Virtual Servers in Israel was started in 2005 to provide hosting services and network solutions making it easier for the customers to access and install almost any software that runs on their operating system. Having the virtual server cloud VPS on your iPhone can help with power saving, bandwidth, and personal preferences. You can use this to manage your pictures, videos, and other documents or anything else you would like to share with someone else, or just keep for yourself. If you have a VPS you can choose how you want your phone to be set, which VPS hosting you want, or virtual service you’d like.


Successful companies run their servers with a high level of knowledge about the product that’s been providing hosting and network solutions. VPS servers around the world are alike in that they run secure data centers that are monitored twenty-four hours, seven days a week by network engineers for maximum security and up-time for their customers’ servers. Israel has dedicated server networks with dedicated customer service representatives ready to answer your questions any time of the day. Their hosting services are based on security, reliability and responsiveness to their customers, and are early adopters of modern technology and services that improve the security and success of others web-based data.


There are managed and virtual servers available, though most prefer virtual because they are isolated, secure, and dedicated to you, your website or application. They cost between 100-150$ a month with free initial setup and installation. They are constantly improving on their own disadvantages, which makes them flexible, more reliable and cost less. You can run any web site or application through a secure virtual machine, which sits on a vast amount of readily available physical servers and storage that offer 99.9% up-time. There is also IT solutions issued by tech support via a powerful control panel, which helps you control your Virtual Server quickly and easily.  The benefits of a private server are that they’re always available and have an up-time guarantee.


They have the ability to scale up and down resources such as disc space and are much cheaper than the equivalent of dedicated servers. Finally, you will experience the most pro-active and conversant twenty-four hour support you have ever seen.