here is some of the services we offer:

Dedicated Servers

dedicated server

Our dedicated servers are offered in a package with all related resources and customized specifications. Thanks to this service, the customers have the opportunity to configure their server to make it flexible enough, so it can completely meet their various needs. The client can also install any kind of software or operational system or to divide the server into multiple virtual machines. This service is extremely beneficial for business purposes.

vps hosting

vps hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and this is a server divided into several virtual machines that are independent of each other. The customers have the opportunity to configure their virtual machine the way they like and to install whatever software or operational system they like on it. Although many of the resources used by dedicated servers are also available here, the cost for VPS hosting is lower, as the resources are limited to those that customers have chosen initially.



HQserv provides businesses space for computing hardware and servers in a data center called colocation. Since creation and management of such a large computing facility is associated with a lot of expenditures, businesses prefer to rent this service from a reliable service provider. Our company delivers this service at a very competitive price along with a high level of security.